miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2015

Can England be a Dangerous Country for tourists?

By Stefano Romeo, Tuesday 25th of August, 2015

A long time ago we asked and investigated about the danger and the security of England, also to the tourists that visit London.

We have to know that London is a favorite place for tourist from around the world and the largest city of european destinations.

Dear that are part of the tourist circuit of London do nos suspect any danger to tourist, as they are always safe with people.

Always better safe than sorry as the saying goes, in London 2.000 robberies were recorded in the last year, something little to what occurs in other countries, every in Europe, because the sentence are very strong.

In 2020 it is expected to two levels of the 17, this can be remedied with longs sentences for people commit thee crime, taking to pedestrians and tourist.

England may well make then tourists, and citizen who live there peaceful, to increase sentences and police guards on people so tourists came back to the country, which means that the economy goes better, but remember that London is one of the smaller cities and less theft suffering through to England, but as always we must be very careful.

jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2015

Questions chapter 10

1.-   Refers to the attitude, Biko wanted to rescue mapetla traveling long white areas in the night , taking a big risk for him. .

2.-  Mapetla hanged himself, because the treatment of al the Militar or police in the prison causes his dead  

3.- I think that in the chapter 11 the problems will not only for Biko, also for Tenjy Mtintso because he was arrested by the police.

martes, 27 de octubre de 2015

English Task

i am today at Indian, it is a country that dosen`t have a good life. I have now to agree the conditions of the marriage, that I was propose. I am un desagrement because all the people have to choose whith the person that we have to stay to all de life.

In this moment the 73% of the people in Indian accept the condition of the marriage, I don't liked for a lot of reason, one of them is because all the children, and young people have rights, this religions of the indians is so stupid, because we can not choose with democracy, and also the religion i didn't choose, I don't choose nothing, the hinunduism is a religion that we not have any space n the world to expression.

In this moment the 76% of the people that are in this religion like me, there are not happy, always they think the same lake me, also they no choose, its a a religion that docent have good proyect in the past, it is a new religion.

domingo, 25 de octubre de 2015


First according to my opinion, it is not possible that there exist people who violates other persons, that he ill-treats people and also that abuses of you her prop people, it cannot be possible. The people also, on all the women are exposed to this type of things on not having looked after itself, on having gone alone for the streets, when people do not listen to the advices of the more to remember that nowadays the these very bad people. I think that the only way of improving this and that does not exist mas rapists is increased a sorrow of jail, putting more security and to improve in addition the part of the courts of justice, beside having mas care with the social networks.

martes, 13 de octubre de 2015

Europe Proyect

Dear John,
Estimated john, will attach you a bit of what past trip happened in him to europe, also part is directed the institution of the college in order that this trip continues being carried out.

The trip of studies that we realize to Euope, principally to the United Kingdom was be excellent, it is a  experience of life, so much since we know, since we share and approach companions, friends and teachers, we also makes a lot of relations with friends and teachers. We take off on September 2  to Edinburgh, Scotland, where we sleep  only 3 nights, where we went to several castles, we visit the Calton Hill, also we visit the Murrayfield Stadium, where we enter and extract photos, something unforgettable, to the third day in Edinburgh, we went to play a match of rugby, which we win it for more than 40 points, demonstrating that we play in equipment and also fair play. Later we travel to York, we stop in Durham, where Harry Potter's movies were recorded, already in York, We play a football match, which we win 5-1 with 5 goals of M.Vargas, after two nights in  york, we went to to Bath, a calm city, visited the Roman baths, which were wonderful and also Stonehenge's famous stones later to continue with the beautiful London, where we visit the Windsor Castle, The London Eye, Big Ben and Picadell, besides Oxford, the lands of William Shakespeare, then Paris, where also we win a football match 2-1, then to follow the Eternal Italy, where we visit Florencia and Venecia, beautiful cities, for my, Venecia the city more pretty and beautiful in Europe, Italy is another thing, to the third day we went away to Rome, where I said that all the ways come to blunt, and it is true, and I remain with a phrase that I said after having known the Coliseum, the Vaticano and many more, Italy  has hanged but Rome is Rome, of there some of us continue a long time in Europe crossing other cities, where others were returning to Chile with a new experience, I would like to say that this unforgettable trip, it does not have to finish, it is the only experience and for the whole life, nevermore we will have the opportunity to travel all together and to guard so pleasing recollections, so I do the called one to the authorities of this institution to continue with the project of the trip to Europe who removes for more of 20 years and who the traditions since they are these that we waits for them from a long time... who is a dream, be fulfilled for the next generations ..!


Stefano Romeo

jueves, 6 de agosto de 2015

06/08/15 second image

In this image we can see that there is a person probably that does too much gymnasium, mostrsndo his arms to the people, also it is possible to see that this measuring his bicep is this way like a probably this person has knowledge of since his mosculatura advances. To the left side above we can see as this one pressing the fist, this way clearly the bicep was narrowing him and podra to measure of better way,

Describe Picture

In this image that I can observe, we can identify that there are several children to the exit of a festival, probably podria something does like that as a the color run or slightly similarly in the exit of a festival, in the part of below three children go out for the precer of brown race those who meet happy, smiling after an entertaining activity, in the part of behind to the left side a woman goes out with mas age taking care to the children boys, seemingly, serious of a festival for minors, where in the part superior to right hand one sees as a this very happy person embracing quixpzaa his brothers or friends